Garbage sensor V2 720P
Garbage sensor V2 720P - 2

A garbage collection sensor is a device that is used to monitor and manage the level of waste in garbage containers, such as dumpsters or trash cans. The sensor works by measuring the level of waste in the container and transmitting that data to a central monitoring system.


Garbage collection sensors have several benefits, including improved efficiency in garbage collection routes and reduced fuel consumption by garbage trucks. By monitoring the level of waste in containers, garbage collection companies can optimize their collection schedules and reduce unnecessary trips to empty containers that are not yet full. This not only saves time and resources but also reduces the environmental impact of garbage collection operations.

In addition to optimizing collection routes, garbage collection sensors can also help to reduce litter and overflowing containers in public areas. By alerting collection crews to full containers, the sensors help to ensure that waste is properly contained and disposed of, reducing the risk of environmental contamination and public health hazards.

Overall, garbage collection sensors are an innovative and effective tool for managing waste collection and improving the efficiency and sustainability of garbage collection operations.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage:

3,6 VDC

Current consumption:

120mA (pulse), 1.6uA avg


radar based

Temperature effect:

battery life decreased in temperatures <-20C



Operation conditions:

-25° do +80° C;


Height:        18.9 mm
Diameter:    137 mm

Flamability UL 94:



Wireless connection LoRaWAN 868MHz and/or SigFox

Ingress protection:


Mechanical resistance and vibration:

IEC 61984 and UL773

Mechanical: 3g, 11 ms half sinusoid, 18 shakes

Vibration: 0.5 mm p-p, 10 to 60 Hz

Communication protocol:


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