AK Nova

Our Client

AK Nova sp. O.o. It is a national leader in the implementation of waste transfer stations. The first objects of this type built in 2008/2009. The growing importance of the company on the market, as well as the constant search for development opportunities resulted in the establishment of technological department, which together with the departments of the projects and successfully developed and implemented the technology NOVA-KOMP or first, realized from scratch and implemented on an industrial scale Polish processing technology biodegradable fraction in the oxygen process.

Business need

In Katowice, was put into operation the most modern plant for the biological treatment of organic waste in Poland. The investment cost 40 million zł. Plant will handle waste from approx. 300 thousand citizens with capacity of 60 thousand. tonnes per year. KSK Developments task was to develop devices for measuring temperature and oxygen in the windrow composting and their integration with system management process.

What we have done

The challenge for us was the requirement set by the investor in the form of wireless communication between the probe and the system management process. We developed a battery-powered temperature probe which connects to the system management process using the wireless 2.4 GHz. Used by us oxygen sensors due to high energy consumption for the proper operation they must be wire linked. These can be lance probe directly introduced into the compost heap. However, in this case, the investor decided on a different approach. The probes were installed inside ventilation ducts which is shown in the picture below.

The work KSK Developments related to the development, testing and delivery devices lasted 3 months. In addition to the transfer of equipment to the investor we were responsible for the configuration and integration of sensors to a computer system managing the process of composting.

Sonde KSK-I03 conducting measurements

Sonde KSK-I03 conducting measurements

Sensor KSK-I02 mounted in ventilation system

Sensor KSK-I02 mounted in ventilation system

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