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Our Client

Silesian University of Technology is the largest technical university in the Upper Silesia. Has more than 35 ooo students in 18 faculties. A wide range of teaching and quality of education make the Silesian University of Technology for many years among the leading Polish technical universities, as evidenced by the high place in the rankings of universities. Its strong position confirms the achievements of outstanding scientific and educational specialists and numerous successes on a national scale and internationally. Studies at the Silesian University of Technology is an opportunity to work with many companies that are willing to hire graduates. According to the weekly "Wprost" university located on a high fourth place among universities in Poland, where graduates are most sought after by employers.

Business need

Our task was to develop the concept of integrated sensor for monitoring motion and behavioral traits by producing components comprising such a sensor. The task was carried out in the framework of the research project Silesian University of Technology entitled "Development of innovative solutions and design in the field of medical telecare".

What we have done

For the study, conducted by University of Technology we have designed and made a sensor consisting of several elements. One set of the device consisted of inertial sensors, integrating unit, a thermometer and pulse oximeter connected wirelessly. Inertial sensors are placed in a manner comfortable to wear on your back, waist and ankles. Temperature sensor and pulsyoksymeter took the form of bracelets. The CPU was supposed to receive data from other sensors, process them on a limited basis and provide additional basic functions of sound recording, and transmission to an external computer system via a wireless network.

Render of the sensor (front)

Render of the sensor (front)

Render of the sensor (back)

Render of the sensor (back)

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