Let's imagine a city where sensors monitor everything, starting from the temperature, through street traffic, traffic ligths run on movement sensors, water pipes leaks that can be remotely eliminated and where safety can be increased by installing automated surveillance. A city where your satellite navigation tells you where to drive and directs you to the nearest free parking spot. It becomes reality thanks to the constantly developing Internet of Things - IoT) – a network of objects and sensors connected to the Internet, which communicate with each other in real time.

Cities are constantly striving to be more sustainable, secure, safer and healthier for their residents. A smart city aims to achieve these goals using digital, connected technology while addressing challenges such as rapid urbanization, pollution, climate change, and resource constraints. To do so, city officials are examining all the functions they provide—from transportation, energy, healthcare, and street lighting to better educational and cultural spaces—and asking how the Internet of Things (IoT) can transform the urban environment.

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