The development of cities and infrastructure means that there is an increasing number of engineering installations underground, such as waterworks, power lines or sewage systems. It is now possible to notice the growing automation and robotization of underground construction, which is connected above all with the development of trenchless technologies. These include the entire group of modern technologies that enable the construction of an underground construction facility without excavation. There is a similarity to mining methods with the difference that using these technologies you can also make linear objects with such a cross-section that human entry would not be possible - for example, making underground pipelines or power installations.

The construction of underground objects of such a small diameter with a trenchless method, by definition, somehow enforces their execution in a remote way, using automated or robotic devices. The devices we offer for this industry derive from the long-standing achievements of the Jumarpol company dealing in underground construction for over 20 years and being a precursor of these technologies in Poland. All devices offered by us are tested during construction works carried out by Jumarpol, which guarantees their perfect adaptation to the needs of the industry. Their task is to increase the precision of the works performed and to minimize the risk of task completion incompatible with the art of construction

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