Urban development means that road traffic is increasing every year. At the same time, there is a dynamic development of public transport and bicycle routes. Therefore, managing and effectively planning traffic is a big challenge for modern cities and agglomerations. The road infrastructure consists not only of signage and traffic lights but also thousands of devices unobtrusive by the average user of urban traffic. Device for counting and verifying vehicles, devices and software to manage traffic lights, variable message boards, applications to help you find a parking space, pedestrian buttons are just some of the solutions that a modern city must use to care for efficiency and comfort of transport.

Processing thousands of real-time information requires advanced analytical programs. However, first you need to install devices that accurately collect information from the streets and then transfer them to the servers where the analytics takes place. The number of sensors, cameras and sensors on the roads is growing and will grow to allow more efficient and efficient traffic management. KSK offers multifunctional and universal devices so that you do not need to multiply devices installed in a street environment. We offer devices that are easy to use and adapted to work in urban conditions. We work with executive companies and local governments, therefore, when designing our devices, we use their experience and tips to meet the customers' expectations.

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