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Cross the borders. Chase unsurpassed. Endure. Realize.

Each project is a new challenge and the more interesting the more exciting. We realize tasks in the field of IoT, electronics and programming with elements of automation and information technology. We design: printed circuit boards, enclosures for electronic devices, tools and equipment for trenchless technologies and software development.

We are the experts!

We devote much attention to our products, taking care of the smallest details. We approach to our work reliably and practically. Always thoroughly we investigate any solution. All our products have found practical application in the real world.

We are responsible!

From concept to completion leads sometimes long and winding road. In our projects, we offer lasting and long-term solutions. Carefully we plan, design and perform assigned job. We offer support at every stage of the project and after its completion. Devices manufactured by us we constantly expand and develop, adapting to the constantly changing market requirements.

We are flexible!

Each order gives us new possibilities. We undertake projects formidable. They help us to grow and thus create products more ambitious. The company's development is very important for us, it gives us perspective and at the same time mobilizes for further action.

We are open!

Individual approach to every project is a principle that we follow for years. In such a rapidly changing world there is no place for mirroring solutions. We are looking for new projects, better, braver.

We are innovative!

For several years, we caught up in work in the field of IoT explore the potential of the Internet of Things. Fascinated by the possibilities successfully we implement new solutions. We are open to technical innovations that we closely follow, analyze and find practical applications for them. Thanks to the cooperation with research institutions we perform technical approvals. Gained certifications are the best proof of the reliability of the work performed by us.

We are ready!

Mission: implementation. Objective: achieved.

Young but experienced. Many share our vision.

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Our actions are driven by clearly defined priorities

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

This rule was established in the 60s of the twentieth century among US military engineers. Its essence is to strive to maintain an elegant and transparent structure, without adding unnecessary items. Everything we design and create the KSK is to be easy to use and minimalistic. Simplicity is the pinnacle of refinement.

Keep it simple, stupid

Building relations

We want to build with our customers durable, long-lasting, fair and inspiring relationships. What do we mean by these terms check tab Family Business Group.

GFR grupa firm rodzinnych

Stability in change

The modern world is changing rapidly. The solution, which was used a few years ago, today it can be almost archaic. We understand that in order to meet the expectations of our customers do not only need to adapt to the changing economy, but also ourselves pave trends. The only thing that is permanent and unchanging is a constant need for change. So we understand innovation.

Change stability