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The history of the Group dates back to the 90s, when the two friends since school Marek Kasperek and Piotr Traczewski decided to try their skills and founded the current company Jumarpol. The initial years of turbulent struggle with adversity resulted in a number of transformations and changes in the profile of the business. All these carefully collected experiences strengthened them and allowed to follow the prescribed goals. Stronger and more determined to fulfill their visions. They learned, stumbled, raised, stumbled and raised again. They were driven by great passion and commitment to their business.

They built a company which enjoys the trust of both customers with high business culture of employees and their children. The young generation by years of observation were taught the principles of fair play in business, building trust, determination in the pursuit of goals, perseverance, diligence and commitment.

In this spirit, following the example of the fathers, they decided to continue the tradition of doing business. Driven by concern for the interests of the family, using the gained experience, the Family Business Group was established. It consists of Jumarpol, ML Architects and KSK - partner companies focused on high personal culture.

Working with partners we want to create relationships:

  • Durable - The success of large business projects determines the mutual understanding of the objectives and efficient communication between partners. At the current we inform our partners of the potential problems and risks that may occur in the course of cooperation. We communicate the most important events that take place in our company and its environment. Sustainability of the results is important to us because we care about the quality of our work and we guarantee its compliance with the objectives of the project so that in future the customer would be again interested in our products and services.
  • Fair - the basis for good relations with both customers and employees or the public administration is mutual trust. We try to pay special attention to the fact that our cooperation has been fully transparent and understandable. We guarantee the confidentiality of mutual understanding and we take care of it in order to meet fully the expectations of the customer.
  • Long-term - we want to work with partners not just on one project but to last for years. We are constantly evolving and expanding our offer, so we hope that in the future we will pursue even more ambitious projects and to provide the market success of our partners. Establishing a long-term relationship also allows a better understanding of the functioning of our partners for better and easier cooperation.
    Inspiring - we remember about our partners while dealing with other companies, recommending their products and services. We appreciate the importance of mouth marketing and networking. That is why we organize and animate meetings in which our partners and customers can exchange their experiences and discuss future cooperation. We want to be an inspiration to others and be inspired by the success of others, so we consult with our partners, our most interesting projects.

Enterprises of the Group Family Business

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Civil engineering
For over 25 years providing engineering services for trenchless technologies. Designs, manufactures and successfully sells associated equipment and machines for drilling and jacking. It deals with the construction of underground infrastructure, renovations of existing networks and diagnostics services.
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Visionaries. People with passion and imagination. For 12 years engaged in professional service for construction projects both new and adaptive. The guides through the tortous paths of legislations and procedures, both legal and constructual. With full commitment to accomplish even the most ambitious projects.
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Internet of Things
Specializes in design and implementation of innovative projects in the field of Internet of Things. For several years, focused on projects designed to clients' spec, as well as building and constantly expanding catalog of own products.
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