KSK Developments delivers services of developing mechatronic devices adapted to the technological needs of our customers. We diagnose the need, setting project goals, developing the device and then its manufacturing and implementation into client's technological process.

  • Our team of engineers is experienced in working for various businesses and sectors
  • Each manufactured device undergoes several consecutive comprehensive lab and on-site tests
  • All copyrights to the product are given to the client

We deliver sophisticated services for the IT sector

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Experienced Team

We have successfully cooperated with from such industries as environmental protection, telecommunications, construction or medical. Therefore, our engineers have thorough experience in various economic felds. It enables for offering clients innovative, unique tailored solutions to their problems. We approach each project with passion and engineers' curiousity.

IT Solutions

We cooperate with experienced IT professionals who create proper software solutions personalized to your needs. Our technological competences include e.g.:

  • Most common programming languages: .NET, Java, C++, Oracle, PL/SQL, Flex, Delphi;
  • Programming environments: Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans;
  • Tools for creating installation programs: Visual Studio, Ant Installer;
  • Database software: SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, MySQL;

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