Wireless parking spaces' occupancy detector is dedicated for the use on on road car parks, in particular, located in the dense urban infrastructure. Each parking space is equipped with a wireless sensor mounted directly in the existing surface.

  • High detection accuracy
  • LoRa network wireless link
  • Easy of intallation
  • 5 years battery operation

The Smart Parking project

The Smart Parking project, aimed at reducing the number of traffic jams and speeding up the search for parking spaces.

Our team develops and implements a "smart parking" system that contains sensors showing the available parking spaces. The 10-minute search for parking space several times a day takes more than 240 hours a year and about 700 days a person’s entire life. Prolonged search for free space leads to excessive fuel consumption, causes stress and increases pollution of the central areas of the city.

Information about free car park place user can see in a special application, to which sensors transmit information. Taking into account the possibility of software development at any stages of the project, flexibility and scalability of the whole system is achieved for the needs of the Customer.


System's operation principle

description of how the system operates

Based on the continuous measurement of natural magnetic field of the Earth, the sensor is recording field disturbance caused by a vehicle. Information about the state of the actual occupancy of a parking space is obtained as the current register and immediately transferred by radio to a base station using a private  or a public IoT network.
Schemat pomiaru pola magnetycznego ziemi
Czujnik v2

The resulting summary information can be processed for the purpose of monitoring manager for parking, public information ie. occupancy displays or mobile navigation applications.

Installation of sensors is minimally invasive and fast, which causes no restrictions in the current functioning of the car park. It is possible to integrate wireless detector occupancy of parking spaces with mobile applications, occupancy displays and other information, parking management systems of public space.

Zamontowany czujnik KSK Magnetic
Czujniki KSK Magnetic - aplikacja

The sensor can be part of the information system for the driver, allowing easy and convenient way of checking the availability of parking spaces in the city, as well as guiding the user to the first free parking space in the region of the point of destination. Car park managing service can continuously monitor the load and use, and result in an effective and conscious policy of use.

KSK Magnetic
car park sensor wireless

Technical specification of the product

  • Carrier Frequency: 868 MHz
  • Detection method: Geomagnetic + Radar
  • Weight: 180g
  • Dimensions: 80mm x 35mm
  • Black Colour
  • Tightness: IP68
  • Operating temperature for optimum battery: -20 - +50 ℃
  • The permissible minimum and maximum operating temperature: - 40 - + 80 ℃
  • The communication range to the base station: 500 m
  • Power supply: replaceable lithium battery
  • Battery life: 5 - 8 years
  • Connectivity: LoRaWAN ™
  • Detection performance is ~ 98%
  • Warranty: 2 years


LoRa network base station 

LoRa base station ensures secure and stable network connection LoRaWAN. This is the type of network LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) dedicated to battery-powered devices within the IoT (Internet of Things), providing two-way, secure connection with the possibility of geolocation of end nodes. The LoRa base station allows simultaneous connection with several thousands of devices simultaneously within the available range. The equipment is designed on the basis of high-quality CD radio IMST and Open Source software. As a result, the device is easy to adapt to any configuration, and will allow independent software modification. The device is easy to install and immediately fully operational.


Occupancy displays

zdjecie-tablicOccupancy displays are designed to present information of the number of free parking spaces in a specific location. Tables are supplied with 230VAC / 50Hz or can be solar powered. Information on the number of parking spaces is passed to the array via Ethernet. The dimensions of the array is 350 x 1750 x 150 [mm]. Information is presented on the LED board yellow color 160 x 360 [mm]


Aplikacja mobilna app1

With Naviparking application available for Android and OSX user Smart Phone users can easily find a free parking spot. Information from the sensors are sent to our server and information about the occupancy of parking spaces is sent to the application in real time. The application allows you to navigate to a specific parking space or one of the places available around a specific location. In case of another vehicle "taking the spot", the application will notify us of this fact and propose other currently available parking space. In addition to the information from the sensors Naviparking application provides information on private parking lots in a given location and the parking P & R.


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