A wireless pressure sensor is used to measure water pressure parameters in water supply networks.
The device can perform water pressure measurements in the water supply network and temperature measurement in 2 places - on the sensor itself and in the device housing.

The sensor is produced in two versions - IP54 (possible replacement of the battery on the user's side on the object) or IP68 (battery replacement only in the manufacturer's service)

The sensor measures at intervals of 1 min to detect sudden pressure increases. It is possible to set an alarm threshold, the exceeding of which triggers the immediate sending of data frames. In normal operation mode, reading reporting takes place with an interval of 15 minutes every 6 hours from the last 24 hours.

water pressure sensor
spec sensor

Data frames from the sensor are sent via the LoRaWAN network in normal operation mode without confirmation in order to save energy and use the base station bandwidth. Overlapping measurements will allow you to lose up to 4 frames without losing data. Alarm frames are sent with confirmation, guaranteeing the delivery of data to the master system. The transmission uses the ADR (Adaptive Data Rate) algorithm to adapt to the current radio conditions on the installation.
Pressure measurement is carried out using a piezoresistive sensor with temperature compensation. Each sensor undergoes a calibration procedure at a reference pressure of 1bar. Sensor made of high-quality stainless steel AISI316L, sealed on the face


Supply voltage:

3.6 V - battery powered

Average current consumption:

6uA (battery life min 5 years)

Detection technology:

Piezoresistive pressure transmitter

Protection of the power supply circuit



Using commands via LoRa Network Downlink


Housing made of polycarbonate, PBT and LSR

Working conditions:

-20° +60° C


Height: 58mm

Diameter: 80mm

Flammability class according to UL 94:



Wireless connectivity with Lorawan 868MHz


IEC IP54 (IP68 on request)

Mechanical and vibration resistance:

IEC 61984 i UL773

Mechanical: 3gl 11ms semi-sinus, 18
shocksVibrations: 0..5mm p-p, 10 to 60Hz

Communication protocol:


Pressure measurement

0-10 bar +- 0,015%FS

Pressure sensor thread


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