We offer devices to track the direction of test drilling with the ability to control it to keep its straightness.
These devices are suitable for hydraulic screw drilling rigs meeting the relevant conditions.

TSP system was designed in the company Jumarpol based on the years of experience of highly skilled employees. Thanks to thoughtful solutions work on it is convenient and rapid. Very good quality equipment allows to generate excellent quality image quality that can overcome long distances while maintaining very high accuracy in the drilling.


  • Wysoka precyzja wykonania przewiertu
  • Urządzenia są odporne na uszkodzenia mechaniczne
  • Łatwy i szybki montaż systemu

Principle of operation

check how the teleoptical system works

The principle of operation of the system is to observe the LED luminous dial located in the test head of the pilot, through a theodolite placed in the initial excavation.

To enable the control carrying a rod by an operator, theodolite is equipped with high quality minicam, rigidly mounted directly behind the theodolite telescope, recording an image of LED dial in relation to the theodolite reticle.
This image is displayed continuously on a 7 inch TFT LCD monitor mounted to the operator on the body of the drilling rig.

auger machine maszyna ślimakowa
teodolit minikamera

1.3 mm - this is the diameter of the LED diodes, which with appropriate control of the bore, is located in the optical axis of the navigation system. Accuracy of the system TSP-03 can reduce systematic error to 1.3 mm for the entire distance and perform the indicated precision drilling of any decline.

A key step in most of the drilling is to perform a pilot jacking. Jacking pilot consists of a precision hollow bore of small diameter, connecting the starting chamber (excavation, well) with the receiving chamber . It is not enough simply "bore" to the receiving chamber! The accuracy depends on the successful pilot jacking and trenchless installation of a new pipeline. This is usually required accuracy of a few centimeters to ensure the ability to connect with a further portion of the pipeline, to maintain its straightness and the required drop. Sometimes, however, you need to bore into the existing pipe or hole in the concrete wall and the accuracy of jacking pilot is measured then in millimeters.

zestaw teleoptyki

The technique of jacking pilot consists of extruded through the ground rod leading the team called poles pilot. These are the poles through (hollow) allowing direct visual contact with the shield LED located in the forehead band rod. The condition for the visibility of the target LED is straightness team push rod into the ground by the machine. Any change in the terms of the designated jacking axis is immediately visible on the monitor.

The operator has the ability to change the direction of jacking. Asymmetric end of the first rod is responsible for the formation of ground forces causing a slight deviation trajectory jacking. By turning the rod assembly and changing the angle of attack terminal operator is able to control jacking. Successful execution of jacking would be impossible without the current position information and marketing head pilot. It is based on the image on the monitor system, knowledge of ground conditions and experience rig operator decides on the time and frequency adjustments trajectory jacking.

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