The moisture measurement system is based on the use of a dielectric constant, allows the measurement of material moisture in reactors of the aerobic stabilization process of composting. Thanks to the device made of materials resistant to thermal conditions (up to 100C), it is possible to use them for automatic, continuous monitoring of conducted oxygen, exogenous processes.

The system of measuring devices installed in wall furrows or flooring consists of a series of interrelated unit elements that give the user the ability to read the moisture level in the points determined by the system. The casing of measuring elements is characterized by high chemical resistance and ingress protection of IP67. The modular design of the probes ensures durability and ease in servicing the system.

The system can be prepared in a version with local reading via a bluetooth system and a mobile application or with passing signals to the central control and visualization system. Both wired and wireless data transmission is possible. Received information from the reading can be used for the current correction of material moisture by increasing the air flow or starting the sprinkler system.

  • Easy to use
  • Wired and wireless version available
  • Made out of robust materials allowing for operation in harsh environments
  • Continuous or intermittent data transfer

Przygotowanie listwy wilgotności
System pomiaru wilgotności w bruzdach ściennych

Technical specification

  • Supply voltage: 24DVC
  • Current consumption: 25 mA/measurement point
  • Protection against surges: 2A
  • Connection: DC+, GND, CAN H, CAN L
  • Startup delay: 10 s
  • Temperature range: -20° do +100° C
  • Ingress protection:  IEC IP67 
  • Mechanical resistance and vibration: IEC 68­2­6 and IEC 68­2­7 mechanical: 3G, 11 ms half-sine, 18 cycles, wibration: 0.5 mm p­p, 10 to 60 Hz

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