Expansion card for measuring O2 concentration. This device is equipped with 6 air channels that suck air into the O2 concentration sensor. The electronics placed in the device control the opening of the appropriate valves and the operation of the pump. (valves, pump and sensor are placed in the card). We only bring air ducts (6 pcs.) from places in the installation that we want to measure to the card.
Concentration measurement is carried out using a maintenance-free optical sensor, which is characterized by high accuracy of measurements and long service life even in difficult conditions such as compost installations.

  • Easy to use
  • Locally powered device, connected to a lance by a pneumatic cord
  • The device is made of high-quality stainless steel for safe operation in highly acidic conditions
  • Constant data transfer in real time


Products used

Oxygen sensor KSK-I01 and Temperature sonde KSK

Thanks to the removal of any electrical wires from the inside of the chamber, the device is safe to use. The probe inserted into the compost is only used to draw air from the correct depth. The stainless steel probe is made of acid-resistant stainless steel, which guarantees a very long service life, which is not threatened by ingress of water vapor into electronics. Thanks to this, the device is very resistant to any type of injuries, temperature changes, etc.

Created using Luxion Technology (luxion.com)

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply voltage: 12V DC
  • Current consumption: 1A
  • Power circuit protection: 2A
  • Connectors: DC+, GND, CAN H, CAN L
  • Power-on delay: 60 s
  • Settings: configurable from the software level
  • Operating conditions: 20° to +100 ° C (20° to +70° C electronics); 0.1 to 100% O2
  • Protection class: IEC IP44 (electronic enclosure), relative humidity of sensor element 99%
  • Mechanical and vibration resistance: IEC 6826 and IEC 6827 mechanical: 3G, 11 ms semi-sinusoidal, 18 shocks vibration: 0.5 mm pp, 10 to 60 Hz

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