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Parking sensors in Piaseczno

130 sensors to detect the occupancy of a parking space were purchased. These are magnetic sensors with radar measurement. They use two methods of measurement in parallel: disturbance of the electromagnetic field, if something happens over the sensor, and as additional verification - radar measurement of the distance of the object above the sensor.

- We want to introduce a pilot system for monitoring the car park occupancy next to the Commune Office, between Sierakowskiego and Zgoda Streets. There are 120 parking spaces, most of which are already fitted with sensors. The remaining 10 sensors will be installed in places where parking is prohibited on Kościuszko Street. - adds Robert Widz. - We have a gate-transmitter on the building of the Commune Office, which provides us with radio communication over a distance of practically up to 5 kilometers and we can install various types of sensors at this distance.

The network that Piaseczno will use is called LoRa and is a product of EmiTel, the national leader in radio technologies. Ensures communication with minimal use of energy. The devices operate at low transmitting powers, which significantly extends the battery life, which is estimated at 5-7 years. The number of free parking spaces will be displayed on the information boards installed at the entrance to the parking lot from Sierakowskiego Street.

LoRaWan network

Intelligent city system

The Piaseczno Commune wants to launch a modern dispatch center in 2020, which will collect reports from residents flowing through various channels: by phone, e-mail, through a special application and from the network of city sensors.

A modern control room and a network of sensors is the beginning of the creation of an intelligent city system in Piaseczno. This is to speed up the reaction, implementation and coordination of all activities of the relevant departments of the City and Commune Office.

- The dispatcher will accept the notification and register it in the system. He will decide what is more important, what can wait and what needs to be done right away. He will be able to directly transfer the order to the patrol of the city guard or office employees who are currently in the area - says Tomasz Pawlak, head of the Urban Innovation Department. - We are currently working on software for the dispatching system.

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