Internet of Things is an idea of communication between devices without human interference. It is a gigantic network of buildings, cars, washing machines, refrigerators, street lamps, bikes and milions of other extremely different devices interconnected to each other. In 2016 there is not only 75% of world's population connected to the web but also about 6 billions of devices. According to the estimations there might be around 26 billions of them. The fact that we will face a global network of computers, sensors and other devices, all of which would be connected via the internet is such a vast change in our lives that it is often named the next internet revolution.

The direction in which the world is heading is the one where everything you can imagine can be connected to the internet. It gives new possibilities for both companies and and consumers but also brings about risks and challenges such as privacy safety and protection. Another task is to come up with effective and efficient ways of storing, tracking and analyzing big data which will be generated. Hence, manufacturing dedicated IoT devices is a massive yet fascinating challenge for companies. And this is exactly why KSK Developments specializes in IoT.

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